Terms and Conditions


This binding agreement is intended to promote harmony between the Sports Park and the Tenant (renter) when they share the same facilities.

The Sports Park Committee of Management will provide a copy of this document to the Tenant.

This is a legally binding agreement, It is intended to promote harmony by clarifying the expectations and responsibilities of the Committee of Management (Landlord) and tenant when they share the same facility.

The Committee of Management shall provide a copy of this executed document to the tenant, as required by law.

Rental Facility:

  • The Multi-Function Room including the toilets and kitchen (Upstairs).


  • Owner

Indigo Shire – Committee of Management (YSP)

  • Tenant:


Terms of the Agreement:

Length of the agreement: Month to month or as specified.

Either party may cancel or change the terms of the agreement with up to (14) days written notice.

The written notice period may be lengthened or shortened by written agreement by the Sports Park Committee of Management and the tenant.

The tenant must produce copies of a

  1. $10 million Public Liability Insurance policy: ________________________________________________
  2. Registered Business Certificate _____________________________________________________________
  3. Health Approval Certificate from Indigo Shire ______________________________________________

The rental day/s and times are: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

A Bond of $ ______________________________________________________________________________________

This will be refunded subject to the conditions of the facility when terminating this agreement.


$_________ is payable monthly on the first working day of the month to:

Account No _________________, BSB No ______________________.

A late payment fee of $ ___________ will apply.

Household Rules.

The Multi-Function Room including the toilets and kitchen (Upstairs) is to be cleaned at the conclusion of each day’s activity.

Floors must be washed & vacuumed.

The Kitchen area and all cooking items are to be cleaned daily.

The complex is to be secured at the end of each day’s activity.

All dishes and cooking utensils are to be cleaned and stored in their proper place.

Dish washer, dishes should be rinsed first and when the dishes are dry they must placed in their correct storage place.

All cleaning supplies are to be purchased by the Tenant (Bathroom, kitchen and multi-function room).

Smoking is not permitted in and around the facility (Law).

Alcohol Use: Alcohol can only be consumed and sold as per the Alcohol Act (Yackandandah Cricket Club).

Breakages the tenant will pay for all breakages during their period of occupation.

Violation of any part of this Agreement or Non-Payment of Rent when due shell result in termination of this agreement and or eviction.

The Tenant hereby acknowledges that they have read this Agreement, understand it, agree to it, and have been given a copy.

Tenants Name: __________________________             Tenants Signature ______________________

Sports Park Rep __________________________                  Signature ____________________________

Committee Position Held _________________________________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________________________________________________


The tenant is to receive a copy of the Agreement and The Sports Park Committee of management is to keep the original file.